"All The Streets" aims to make a tribute to all social groups that manifested on the street, or that through their merging in the public space, motivated cultural and or politic changes, affecting not only their contemporaneity as today’s world.
This homage is done using the image of several drawers, of different form and size, vertically on the pavement along the street. On the top surface of the drawers were put the streets’ name signs; streets that are an important reference to the project’s subject. The drawers are mistaken by boxes, archives that contain the history existing in that street.


The proposition to produce this piece for "Voices From The Center" project happens because the source that inspired its conception (by the time of the anniversary of the May 68) were facts, political and humanitary, that relate to the "Velvet Revolution".
At the moment of the Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia, "Prague’s Spring" 1968, the habitants of this and other cities, with the aim to resist Russian soldiers, exchanged and took out the street’s name signs so they couldn’t orient themselves in town. This episode can represent how important is the relation of the habitants to their city and how resistance can be achieved, not by force, by the crowds acting in unity on the streets.


I wish people to look at these images of drawers ("opening" from the ground) and think that their acts, words and feelings could be there, kept in a place where they could be accessed again and be looked at in an intimacy act of reflection. Having their story connected to the history of the street, by "opening the drawers" people could get back, feel and think about a moment already past - i believe these moments are what might build a collective consciousness of society.
The analogy to the archives relates not only to physical and concrete history but also to the "untouchable" that happens in the public space (meeting of people, or the individual state of mind, etc). As in previous work I have produced there’s a reference to the invisible, the metaphysical world of feeling and thinking (...)


The street signs (name, design, etc), I believe, are already symbols of the history of the space and through them people can relate to things that took place there: just like the taking down of the signs...
One of the interviews made in "Voices From The Center" project to Elena Flaskova from Bratislava, mentions that the radio broadcasted instructions for people to misplace the street signs, so militaries would be disoriented when moving around to occupy the city. Elena and a friend are part of the people who followed these instructions.